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Abena Products

Abena are a family-run leading manufacturer and supplier of incontinence products and have been in operation since the 1950’s, now providing their Abena products to more than 80 countries across the world. We are proud that for Abena incontinence products, UK residents and care givers can come to Amaks Medical to purchase all of the Abena UK products they provide. With our many years’ experience in the field of care and care related needs, we have carefully sourced our suppliers in order to offer you the best products on the market from a company whose priority is helping those in need of effective products and care.

Amaks Medical recognise the need for a wide selection of products to fit all levels of incontinence issues and situations. Men and women, young and old can benefit from the wide range of Abena incontinence products available on our website. Abena provide top quality solutions for incontinence issues, as well as skincare and hygiene products suitable for the care setting.

From disposable and washable incontinence wear to products that support the general hygiene and personal care of those in a care setting, Abena have innovative and researched methods of providing care products that work. Abena cream, sprays, lotions and ointments are available for purchase here, as well as a number of care products for the care provider such as aprons, wipes, gloves and couch rolls to protect examination tables or couches for use by your patients and service users.

Abena supply a super absorbent soft toilet tissue that takes into account the particular needs of their own service users, showing that they put the customer first in everything they create. At Amaks Medical we know this is the best way to ensure effective, helpful and reliable methods of professional care.

For more information on what Abena products are best for your needs, contact Amaks Medical.