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Here at Amaks Medical, we provide an extensive range of products to help people deal with incontinence issues. As part of our range, we offer various products from the brand Attends. There are many different options, offering comfort and flexibility, as the absorbent pads fit inside underwear.

From small pads to those also appropriate for faecal matter and able to cover as large an area as possible, there is a product to suit all matter of requirements. Some can even replace regular underwear entirely, whilst offering the wearer the best comfort and manoeuvrability possible.

When suffering from incontinence, these Attends products allow the wearer to go about their daily life with a certain level of independence and dignity. Most of this range focusses on the use of products specifically for incontinence from the leading brand Attends.

As well as the Attends incontinence pads, we also stock other products from the brand, such as wipes to keep you fresh throughout the day, and various toiletry products. We offer everything from foams and gels, to body milk and creams, from the everyday essentials to the everyday luxuries.

For more information about our range of Attends products, please get in touch with us today and a member of our dedicated team will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have for us.