Below are the answers to your frequently asked questions around Incontinence. We aim to review and update this regularly. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

The office is manned from Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm.
We do not open on bank holidays.

What are your delivery costs?

You can find a full list of our delivery costs here.

We provide free same day delivery for customers who live in PE12 to PE16.

What time do I need to order by to have same day delivery?

Your order must be placed before 11am for same day delivery. We only provide same day delivery to local customers (PE12 to PE16). For postal customers, we can provide same day dispatch if you order before 11am. This is dependent on stock availability. To view our full delivery policy, please click here.

What products do you sell?

We stock a huge range of essential medical products and equipment. We work with brands like Abena and Attends for our incontinence products, and we sell infection control products by Clinell and Vernacare. We also have a lovely range of skincare, aromatherapy and bath & body products. We regularly look into selling new products so if there is something in particular that you are looking for, please let us know by contacting us here and we will see if we can stock it in the future.

How can I manage my incontinence?

Once you have sought professional advice and are purchasing incontinence products to help you, please ensure that if you are using disposable or reusable pads or underwear, make sure it is comfortable and fits closely to your body as this is important to minimise the chance of leaks and ensure you feel confident.

What are the benefits of disposable incontinence pads?

The main benefits are that they can be thrown away after usage and are therefore extremely hygienic and convenient. This means that it is easy to carry products around with you so you can change them when needed. Used incontinence pads should always be disposed of hygienically and never flushed down a toilet

What are the benefits of washable incontinence products?

There are a number of benefits of washable incontinence products, primarily they are more
economical over time and environmentally friendly that disposables. They can also be easier to store
and look and feel similar to normal underwear.

Can I order samples of incontinence products?

Yes you can. For just £5 we will send out four different samples that we think will be best for you, we simply need to know the size and type you would like to try. If you then decide to order from us you can enter code samples5  at the checkout and we will deduct £5 from your order total, or give us a call and we will do this for you. Full samples information can be found here.

How do I measure for the size of my pants?

Women need to measure around the hips at the widest point. Men need to measure around the waist at the narrowest point.

My incontinence pads are often shaped after being folded in their packaging, how do I flatten them so that they fit better to my body?

Bend the incontinence pad backwards along it’s length, this should remove some of the creases and straighten the pad out. If the product contains leakage barriers, bending it along it’s length will activate the barriers to ensure a better fit and prevent leaks.

How can I tell if my product is suitable for male or female?

Most incontinence products are unisex but there are some that are specifically for male or female – this will be highlighted on the product page and packaging. Please note, all of our incontinence products are available for adults only.

Are your incontinence swimwear products suitable for people with faecal incontinence?

Yes, all of our swimwear products are suitable for urinary and faecal incontinence.