Abena Care-ness Excellent toilet paper, 8 rolls

The Amaks Medical team gave the #toiletpaperchallenge a go. It’s literally flying out the door! View this post on Instagram The Amaks Medical team gave the #toiletpaperchallenge a go 🧻 it's literally flying out the door 😂 head over to www.amaksmedical.co.uk to order yours! #abena_uk #toiletpaperchallenge #amaksmedical #covid19 #lockdown #quarantine #coronavirus #socialdistancing A post shared […]

Introducing Abena’s revolutionary new Antimicrobial glove!

Antimicrobial Glove

Abena’s Antimicrobial Gloves are revolutionizing the future of infection prevention Abena Antimicrobial Gloves are a new type of medical examination glove with built-in antimicrobial technology to fight infection and combat antimicrobial resistance. Activated by light and oxygen, and able to kill up to 99.999% of selected microbes, Abena Antimicrobial Gloves provide an extra active layer […]