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Bariatric Incontinence Products

According to research by medical health professionals and in relation to an increasing need in bariatric incontinence supplies, there is a direct correlation between people who have a high BMI and incontinence issues.  When someone suffers from obesity, the strain and stretching of the body’s nerves and muscles in the area relating to bladder control can increase the chances of having problems with incontinence issues.  Having a reliable supply of bariatric products however, that can meet the needs of each individual, regardless of sizing, is invaluable.

The promise of maximum comfort and a shaped, perfect fit is what our products offer to customers.  We at Amaks Medical work hard to ensure that quality is paramount when we choose any of our product suppliers, and Abena UK provide a good selection of bariatric incontinence pads to choose from, so you can be sure you have the right fit that is suited to you and any care needs.  For bariatric incontinence we stock pull-ups, slips and fitted forming incontinence pads.

Bariatric incontinence products have been designed with larger waist sizing in mind, to prevent the chances of leakage or discomfort that could come from using the wrong pad, pull up or slip.  Having an incontinence product that fits securely, that has odour control and meets the absorption needs of the wearer, will add to the confidence of the individual allowing for a more participatory lifestyle, therefore helping anyone with any sort of physical difficulties the ability to carry on in their normal daily routines, without incontinence issues preventing them from living their life to the fullest extent possible.

These bariatric product features include fully breathable side panels, that add to the comfort and secure fit, and a useful wetness indicator that can help care-givers when clients are in need of full support within the care industry.  For more information on how we can help, contact us today.