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Here at Amaks Medical, we offer a wide variety of products to help people deal with incontinence issues, including a range of sanitary pads. We provide incontinence pads from a range of brands, including Abri-San, Attends, and Tena.

Our special incontinence pads have evolved over time, providing great absorbency, as well as being suitable for both the male and female anatomy. Depending on your choice, pads can protect the user whilst managing bladder and/or bowel incontinence. They are able to absorb liquid whilst retaining a dry surface for maximum comfort and usage

Over the years, developments in technology have enabled sanitary pads to be slim and discreet, with a great fit to allow free movement, without compromising on the level of absorbency. Pads work by securing onto the regular underwear, or alternatively, they can be used with our washable fixation underwear for extra security, with some able to also be belted around the waist. It’s important to select the correct size in order for maximum effectiveness and comfortability.

To find out more information about our range of sanitary pads, please get in touch with us today and a member of our dedicated team will be happy to help you with any queries you may have for us about our incontinence pads or any other products.