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Incontinence Samples UK

When it comes to incontinence products and pads, Amaks Medical have ensured that they only buy from the best, knowing that that when it comes to continence care, quality and performance is paramount.  We equally recognise that in order to feel comfortable wearing and trusting our selection of incontinence products, you need to also ensure that they will work for you personally when it matters.  We therefore offer you the chance to try before you buy with our adult incontinence samples.

Many of the products we stock to supply to you in bulk order, can be ordered as part of the four pack incontinence samples.  We supply products for both female and male incontinence product samples.  This allows everyone a chance to try a number of different incontinence product samples, making sure you have the right fit for you, and the right type of incontinence pad samples for you.  For example, we have pull-ups, incontinence pants samples and slips, bed and chair protection sheets and so on.  Sometimes, people can be hesitant to start using incontinence products, but with the try before you buy incontinence pad samples, UK residents can build up confidence in wearing protective products that help with common incontinence issues.

If you are a care provider, no doubt you will need to choose from a range of suitable incontinence products.  Samples are sent out to you at only £5 per four samples, allowing you, your staff and your service users the chance to be confident in the products they use and are supplied with.  If you’re happy to go ahead, we will deduct £5 from your total when you place your order for one of the packs of samples used, or you can use code samples5 at the check-out to order online. This also comes with free delivery, making it easier than ever to ensure you have the right products for you.

Should you wish to try some of the products available from Amaks medical, and they are not listed on our samples shopping page, please contact us.