Sample Pack – 4 samples

Sample Pack – 4 samples

Choosing the correct continence product from the vast array that’s available can be a difficult, confusing, expensive and often time consuming process.

Our Sample Pack is designed for you to find the right product first time round. You can choose 4 samples per pack of any pads, pull ups, slips, chair & bed protection sheets or Abri-fix net fixation pants. Just place the name of your 4 chosen products in the delivery notes box at the checkout.

If you wish to try any other product not listed above, please contact us to discuss.

Once you have tried the products in your Sample Pack and know which one you need, please call and place an order for any full packs of the products contained in your sample pack, and we will refund the cost of the sample pack back to you!

Customers ordering a Sample Pack only are entitled to free delivery. If ordered with other items, standard delivery costs will apply.

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